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Predictive medicine: Genes may identify potential addiction victims

24 January 2013

KOLKATA: Predicting one’s predisposition to addiction and warning potential victims to stay away from certain substances may become a reality in the near future, Indian scientists say.

New avenues in predictive medicine have also opened up with scientists at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology identifying the presence of genetic mutations (or abnormal changes in the genes) responsible for addiction.

“This is a study in the area of predictive medicine. If we can identify the mutation in a gene which has association with addiction and if it’s present in an individual, then we can predict that he or she is prone to addiction,” Sumantra Das of the Neurobiology Division at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB), told IANS…….

Read more: http://www.newstrackindia.com/newsdetails/2013/01/24/118–Predictive-medicine-Genes-may-identify-potential-addiction-victims-With-Image-.html


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