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‘For him, money did not matter, ideas did’

04 September 2012

I remember Prof MM Sharma would walk in the classroom with his hands in his pocket, would take a piece of chalk, go to the board and give a scholarly lecture without ever referring to any notes. He was simply dazzling.

I studied chemical engineering in the early sixties in what was then a University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT). It has risen to the status of a full-fledged university and has now been named as Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT). As its alumnus, I feel proud that I am its first chancellor.

I finished my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 1966. Prof Sharma was my teacher during my undergraduate days. The top ranking students from ICT always used to get handsome PhD fellowships from some of the most reputed schools from the US. I had received four such fellowship offers and was all set to go abroad. But then I said to myself, ‘Where in the world could I get a better guru than Prof Sharma?’……..

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