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Why maths papers Indians publish have so little impact

04 June 2012

MUMBAI: Indian mathematicians have fallen behind in the race to break new ground in the subject, the comparison having been made in the “National Year of Mathematics”. An article on “top 50 national rankings in mathematics”, published in Current Science, has found a gap not only between the work of mathematicians in India and those elsewhere, but also between the number of papers Indian mathematicians publish and the number of times those papers are cited or impact the work of other authors.

….“The exergy is an indicator combining both quality and quantity aspects and in this India fares badly. Even when we consider the quality factor only, our ranking in terms of the number of citations is very poor,” said the article’s author Gangan Prathap, director of National Institute of Science, Communication and Information Resources. “We need more quality faculty, we need more schools of maths, and we need to re-orient our education to ensure that students don’t shy away from basic sciences and maths.”……

Read more: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/why-maths-papers-indians-publish-have-so-little-impact/957422/


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