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Scientists want higher funding in research at grass root level

10 March 2012

NAGPUR: With the government and planning commission already having involved the scientific community in preparation of the XII plan, the scientists in all fields including agriculture research are expecting a rise of at least three times in the forthcoming budget in science. Many scientists in city also feel that the government needs to set right its priorities and distribute the right amount to the right sectors to improve the science scenario of the country. They are glad that the Prime Minister is taking the issue of China keeping a big lead over India in science, seriously and hence, are hopeful for a positive investment.

The national environmental engineering and research institute (Neeri) director Satish Wate says that the government is already emphasizing on science research but he believes that unless science and engineering are brought together science cannot contribute in national development. ‘Bigger investments in networked projects involving institutions from varied fields in prioritized areas can improve the situation,” he said….

Read more: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-03-10/nagpur/31142780_1_nanotechnology-investment-agriculture-research


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