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Vaccine Policy

27 February 2012


India’s vaccine policy  announced in April last year met with more criticism this week as two New Delhi-based science policy analysts — Y. Madhavi and N. Raghuram — made a bold and scathing attack in an opinion paper in the Indian Academy of Sciences journal Current Science.  The policy, they say, is more about “spending and coverage than about protecting children”. The scientists, who have been pressing for a “comprehensive and evidence based vaccine policy” are convinced that India’s disease incidence figures and public health statistics are “dubious and industry manufactured.”

The policy is designed to justify spending public money on privately produced vaccines in the name of protection from diseases, they contend. Madhavi, from the National Institute of Science, Technology & Development Studies (NISTADS) and Raghuram, from the GGS Indraprastha University, go on point out that unlike other national policies, the draft of the vaccine policy was not made public for discussions among stakeholders before dbeing finalised. “Why was the entire drafting exercise done in such a tearing hurry and intriguing secrecy, ” they ask…….

Read more: http://blogs.nature.com/indigenus/2012/02/vaccine-policy.html


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