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Scientists follow ancient literature to seek treatment for Parkinson’s

12 January 2012

NAGPUR: A new trend is emerging in modern medicine. Scientists across the country working on developing new drugs seem to be looking towards ayurveda for remedies. They are trying to obtain molecules from known ayurvedic herbs, to make drugs to treat diseases that do not have cures in modern medicine. Some of the diseases being targeted include heart problems, diabetes, tuberculosis, Parkinson’s etc.

……In Charaka Samhita, an ancient literature on Indian medicine, certain herbs are known to work well in treatment of Parkinson’s disease. But the mechanism of these herbs is yet to be fully understood by modern medicine. However, scientists at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB), Kolkata, have identified harmful as well as beneficial molecules, which can stop the progression of Parkinson’s disease in patients.

Though it is too early now to pronounce that the beneficial molecule can actually be developed into a drug, the research so far has shown that the herb contains a good molecule which can arrest the effect of the disease in animals. KP Mohanakumar, chief scientist at IICB, told TOI that he had first identified the bad molecule from the herb (phenylethylamine) from its plant extract. The harmful molecule is also known to be present in chocolates and wine…….

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/Scientists-follow-ancient-literature-to-seek-treatment-for-Parkinsons/articleshow/11453194.cms


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