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Dr Siddiqi’s project can ensure food for millions

03 January 2011

HYDERABAD: Dr Imran Siddiqi’s research on hybrid plants can ensure enough food for millions of Indians. He has also won the Infosys Prize for 2011 in Life Sciences.

Dr Imran Siddiqi isn’t fooled by appearances. India’s green revolution gave food to millions. But many of the plants in Dr Siddiqi’s research are hybrids with different breeds crossed together, to ensure a bumper yield. But if one takes seeds from such hybrids and replant them – the next generation of plants don’t produce nearly as much grain.

“What this means is that farmers have to go back and buy new seeds for every planting. This is what seed companies make their money on,” Dr Siddiqi said.

At the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderbad, Doctor Siddiqi researches if the natural offspring of any plant can be exact clones of the parent and whether they can carry on all the great traits of the parent without any change…

Read more: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/dr-imrans-research-can-ensure-food-for-millions/217251-62-131.html


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