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‘Depression on beach will make swimming fatal’

16 August 2011

MUMBAI:  Though the MT Pavit has been towed away from Juhu beach, environmentalists have appealed to visitors to stay away from the sea and especially the spot where the ship ran aground. They said the ship has left behind a depression, because of which tidal patterns have changed.

The presence of the ship, grounded since July 31, altered the sand formation pattern on the beach. This can easily lead to the formation of strong currents where placidity has been the norm. “Depressions on a beach, mainly caused when a ship runs aground, create strong artificial currents that can easily take a person swimming in the sea within its sweep. Also, during high tide, because a person would not be able to spot the location of a depression, he or she could easily fall into it and then get pulled away by strong currents,” said Dayanand Stalin, project director of the NGO Vanshakti.

….Warning about the dangers lurking in the waters, Jiyalal Jaiswal from the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) said: “The crater created due to the grounding of a ship can take a few weeks to get filled up naturally. So, one should at all costs avoid swimming in such an area. Otherwise, it could prove fatal.” ,,,,,

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/Depression-on-beach-will-make-swimming-fatal/articleshow/9618159.cms


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