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The PPP route to innovation

20 July 2011

By Subir Roy

NEW DELHI: Here are two innovative public-private partnership (PPP) solutions to two problems. One throws up an idea and the other is an accomplished fact. Going through the life cycle of both gives us an idea of the importance of all the stages – conception, design, execution and marketing – which are vital for an idea to come to fruition and serve the purpose for which it was conceived. Miss out on one or more and the idea will either be stillborn or serve no purpose.

First, the idea. Is there a way to solve the dilemma of hunger, food going to waste and enormous leakage in the public distribution system existing simultaneously? There can be. Develop a multi-cereal mix, fortified by, say, soya, of standardised nutritional value, with light spices and seasoning added for taste. It can be processed to give it a shelf life of a year and packaged the way atta is nowadays. All that the consumer has to do is buy it from any grocery shop and give it a single boil, after which it is ready to be eaten as a tasty khichdi. The spices can be varied to suit tastes in different parts of the country.

 The technology for this already exists. The Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) and Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) have developed a number of processes over the years keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of consumers, including children and the poor. CFTRI has developed a product based on carbohydrates, soya, wheat, vitamin and mineral nutrients which is now being supplied through Anganwadi centres in Karnataka by the Karnataka Agro-Corn Products Ltd…..

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