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Indigenous low-cost heart stents in three years’ time?

27 March 2011

NEW DELHI: India’s very own desi drug eluting stent (DES) will go into trials on large animals in May.

According to the schedule, human trials will be started in another year. If the stent proves “effective and safe for human use”, India will have its low cost stent in another three years.

DES are coated with medication that is slowly released to help prevent growth of scar tissues in the artery lining. This helps the artery remain smooth and open for good blood flow to the heart.

At present, a drug eluting stent costs well over Rs 1.25 lakh while the one being developed under CSIR’s New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NTMLI) may cost as low as Rs 40,000, besides being most advanced in its design…..

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Indigenous-low-cost-heart-stents-in-three-years-time/articleshow/7803034.cms


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