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India is an emerging geek superpower

03 March 2011

In the humid, palm-fringed surrounds of the annual Indian Science Congress in Kerala, the country’s top researchers and politicians had come together to discuss what they could do to make their nation more powerful in science and technology. The congress was on a scale unimaginable anywhere else in the world – thousands crowded into huge white tents to hear lectures by physicists and rocket scientists, while wide-eyed schoolchildren posed for photographs with Nobel prize winners. Enthusiasm wasn’t even weakened by the midday heat, which caused some visitors to faint while queueing for a nuclear power and space exhibition.

………Though most Indian laboratories struggle for high-quality equipment, hundreds of biomedical scientists are pooling research to develop what may be the first effective cure for tuberculosis (which kills two Indians every three minutes) in 40 years. The Open Source Drug Discovery project, funded by the government on a fraction of what Big Pharma would require, is creating the world’s biggest online repository of information about the TB bacterium and how to combat it……

Read more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/mar/03/india-emerging-geek-superpower


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