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Climate change to stop growth of corals

05 January 2011

CHENNAI: Emission of high levels of carbon dioxide and resultant acidification of sea water is set to stop the growth of coral reefs within a few decades. Global warming also has been making weather predictions more difficult.

According to SWA Naqvi, scientist with National Institute of Oceanography, the pH level in the sea water has been reduced due to the absorption of carbon dioxide from the air. Lower levels of pH make it hard for the corals to secrete calcium carbonate to form reefs or the ‘rainforests of the sea’.

“The pH level has already been reduced by 0.1 pH unit and we have already started seeing its impact on the growth of coral reefs. If the level reaches to 0.2 or 0.3 units it will be difficult for the coral reefs to grow. As per oceanic predictions the pH level can dip to 0.5 units by 2100 and this is of enormous impact for the entire sea life,” he said……

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