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Maha natives, South Indians gene-linked

1 January 2011

HYDERABAD:  Decoding the genetic mysteries of Maharashtrians, the city-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology has found that the population of Maharashtra has a closer affinity with South Indians than Central Indians.

The CCMB analysis suggested that people from Maharashtra state are largely derived from Palaeolithic ancient settlers. However, a more recent (about 10,000 years older) detectable paternal gene flows from west Asia and is reflected in the residents of Maharashtra. The CCMB findings reveal movement of people to Maharashtra through the western coast, rather than the mainland, where Western Ghats-Vindhya mountains and Narmada-Tapti rivers might have acted as a natural barrier.

“Comparing the Maharashtrians with other South Asian people reveals that they have a closer affinity with South Indians than with Central Indian populations,” said scientist Dr K. Thangaraj.

Maharashtra’s geographical location necessitates the study of the dispersal of the modern population in South Asia. Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain the cultural, linguistic and geographical affinity of those living in Maharashtra with other South Asian populations.

The genetic origin of populations living in this state is inadequately understood and had earlier been described at a low molecular resolution level.

Besides the state’s strategic geographical position in the Indian subcontinent, the origin and migration of those living in various regions in Maharashtra and their affinity with other contemporary South Asian populations has not been explored, so far, at the high resolution level.

CCMB believes that Maharashtra works as a bridge with central, northern and southern India and could provide some clues about the inhabiting of the Indian subcontinent, especially with reference to coastal route migration…

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