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Winter flowers bloom for a perfect day out

05 December 2010

LUCKNOW: This weekend is different. Lucknowites cannot just get to appreciate the beauty of Chrysanthemum but also learn the techniques to grow this beautiful winter flower-variety. The two-day ‘Chrysanthemum and Coleus’ show began at National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) on Saturday.

On the day, blooming flowers in the background and music in the air, the ambience was perfect for a get-together and day-out with friends. Weekend could not have been better for city people who flocked NBRI lawns to enjoy the annual flower show.

The event will provide those with an eye for plants knowledge about the new varieties of Chrysanthemum and about ways to take care of its different varieties. It is a seasonal plant but has to be maintained all the year round. The plant can be easily grown in homes with a little care.

The most common query from visitors is about saving the plant which is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations and rain showers. To plant Chrysanthemum, there is a need to follow a set calendar. As far as Coleus is concerned, the plant has its several varieties developing naturally. It has plenty of chimera (which is combination of two genetically dissimilar tissues).

After Orchids, Chrysanthemum is the only flower variety that has huge diversity of colour, shape and size. This time, visitors got to see different types of flower colours, types, shapes and also their cultivation practices. This year, a total of 102 exhibitors participated in the show and 772 entries were received.

The main idea of organising the flower show is to promote floriculture industry and to develop awareness about it. Rose, Jasmine and Chrysanthemum are three main varieties which dominate the scene here. The various R&D activities on Chrysanthemum and Coleus undertaken by NBRI are displayed during this annual show.

The show also helps explain to visitors and exhibitors about how to commercially exploit Chrysanthemum by programmed blooming.

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